I Am More Than...
I Am More Than...
I Am More Than...
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I Am More Than...

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Sometimes we are put in a box as far as our role in the world. It comes to a point when you have to break the barriers and decide who you are! Let people know that you are more than how they see you and all you can be for you! This Journal is separated into 12 chapters for each month of the year so you can develop yourself more as the months go by Be prepared to address the issues you held onto for sometime and understand, it’s okay to let them go so you can move forward in your growing stages. This is about you become a better version of yourself. Regardless, of what others think and/or say about the person they envisioned of you on becoming. You are More Than…

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  • Publication Date : October 29, 2019
  • File Size : 1055 KB
  • Publisher : Changing Minds Online (October 29, 2019)
  • Language: : English
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The Dynamic Duo Is In The House - Don't wait until they are gone, get your copy Now!

I AM More Than.. is more than just a journal - it is a must have companion that keeps you accountable along your journey and reminds you that you are definitely more than the labels that you or anyone else may place on you. Always remember that you truly are more than!!!

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