Cries Of A Broken Man and Screams Of A Broken Woman
Cries Of A Broken Man and Screams Of A Broken Woman
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Cries Of A Broken Man and Screams Of A Broken Woman

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Cries of a broken man and screams of a broken woman are one in the same but expressed differently.
Cries of a Broken Man is a closed off discussion due to our men being raised to not show their emotions as it’s a sign of weakness. This is far from the truth. Men are human too and should be able to share their emotions due to them having feelings. Men need to understand; yes you are the protector, provider, and leader of the household. However, know it is okay to express yourself.

Screams of a Broken Woman stems from women having to carry the world on their shoulders. At the same time, being unable to let out the screams that would pierce the ears to the person next to her. Behind the screams, she’s trying to tell you something but all she knows is how to scream due to the frustration of not being heard or being misunderstood. Behind those screams, is a woman trying to tell you something but with built up frustration and being misunderstood; she isn’t heard.

Take a moment to learn more from these amazing authors expressing themselves; seek listening ears in hopes of communicating clearly to those who seek to understand the misunderstood. Internalizing a better form of painting a picture and being able to use the voice they yearn to be heard.

These amazing authors will be sharing their truth at the most vulnerable state of being an individual who feels alone with no one to turn to, whom they can trust at their weakest moment. All while remaining caution enough to know if the person they choose to share their deepest thoughts will not hold it against them.

Join us in celebrating the men and women who are willing to open up in order to help the next person who is experiencing the cries and screams in which causes us to become broken.

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  • Publication Date : April 2, 2018
  • Publisher : InspiredByVanessa (April 2, 2018)
  • Customer Reviews: 5 out of 5


Awesome Book

This is a great book to help you through any tough times. Anyone going infidelity or relationships should read this. I have spoken to Vanessa Canteberry on several occasions about relationships and busy related. She knows her stuff. To all of the authors Thank for sharing your stories.

Lora Tackett


Excellent Read

This is one of the most, awesomest books I have read so far. I enjoyed reading each chapter.

- Power