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Welcome to the BBU Collections!

This journey started when asked several times how was able to overcome so much in my life which placed me in the position to become the first generation to breaking several barriers without apologizing!
BBU Collections will provide and guide you through the process of breaking barriers in your life and/or business.
Sit back and get ready to join breaking barriers on purpose with purpose!


Breaking Barriers Unapologetically stands on FAITH and refuses to allow FEAR to void VISIONS that need to be seen and heard on so many platforms.


“Your past does not determine your destiny; make what seems impossible possible.”

Vanessa Canteberry is the CEO of Breaking Barriers Unapologetically. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent, and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa worked in Corporate America for 20 years as a Secretary. After being laid off in 2011, she knew something needed to change, knowing she was a single parent of three. Vanessa was not able to obtain employment, and the mere thought of being unable to support her son attending high school and two daughters attending college was unbearable.

For that reason, Vanessa challenged herself. She took a stand on faith and changed her mindset. She’s on a mission to educating individuals on the importance of transformation of the W2 mindset in life and business. Now, she is a business owner, Speaker, Mindset Coach, a co-host on Motivate Social Podcast, Best Selling Author, working from the comfort of her home. She is also committed to teaching individuals how they, too, can become a business owner and overcome obstacles in their life. She teaches you that you are more than a W2.

Vanessa is an Amazon 9 times Best-Selling Author of Shifting Your Mindset and Breaking the Cycle of Brokenness, Co-Author I Am More Than, Do I Not Matter and the Compiler for the anthology Screams of a broken woman cries of a broken man, Dear Dad, Dear Mom, Dear Daughter, and Dear Son. Vanessa is currently working on her 10th book set to release in late 2020.

You are not alone in your journey.


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