Shifting Mindset by Vanessa Canteberry
Shifting Your Mindset
Shifting Your Mindset
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Shifting Your Mindset

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Have you ever felt as if you have more in you but feel lost and/or confused as to where to start?

This book was created with you in mind. After being laid off in 2011 and not able to find employment after 20 years of experience in Corporate America, I knew I had to overcome the most vulnerable state in my life.

I want to share proven, practical tips and tools on how to move forward after a hardship. Providing you with a prevention plan before a hardship wrecks your family's financial and emotional stability.

I hope you enjoy and start shifting your mindset for greatness!



Shift Into Your Best Life

Without a shift in your mindset, there can be no growth, no healing, no positive change. This book is an important first step in creating the life of your dreams. It is right on time for me and my goals for 2017.



A little taste of Wisdom 

This ebook is nothing but words of wisdom it is wonderful. It's always good to read a book but to read a book that tells you the true life story from gravel to glory is the best story of all because it gives us faith, hope and a reason to believe there is something beautiful still waiting for us at the end of the tunnel!

Carmel Emprezz



This book was a quick read but packed with content! If you want to shift your mindset from W2 to 1099, you need to read this book!

- Robin Dix